A contract between a person or organization with a company known as the insurer that guarantees financial remuneration in the event of a covered loss. Covered losses are [...]

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counting dollars from smart budgeting

Household Budgets: The Cost of Convenience

Falling victim to convenience can cost household budgets thousands every year. When you aren’t double-checking the pricing of the regular things you buy, you might not realize that [...]

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Insurance Basics: What is a Deductible?

Insurance Basics: What is a Deductible? The insurance term, deductible refers to the pre-specified amount a policyholder agrees to pay in a claim before the insurance company pays the [...]

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Earthquake Insurance: What You Need to Know

Earthquake Insurance: What You Need to Know Even a small earthquake can shake you to your core, both literally and figuratively. Earthquake insurance is a specialty insurance combined with [...]

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What Is Hurricane Insurance?

What Is Hurricane Insurance? Every homeowner living in a region where hurricanes are just part of life needs to have hurricane insurance. Hurricane insurance covers the damage and losses [...]

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