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A home warranty protects homeowners from unexpected and often costly repairs in the house. They cover a multitude of things from systems (electrical and plumbing) to major appliances. Most homeowners are pitched a home warranty when they buy a home but these can be purchased at any time and are a good thing to consider. 

Check out the top 6 reasons to get a home warranty.

1. Protect Your Budget

When you buy a home, the biggest concern is that you’ll move in and realize you’re in a money pit. Everything starts to break and none of it is cheap. This blows the entire homeowners’ budget out of the water when you can’t predict costs. The home warranty protects your budget by allowing you to pay a small amount every month for the protection you need. 

2. Limit Expenses

If you had to pay to replace a refrigerator or redo the entire electrical system, you’d be looking at several thousand dollars in many cases. The home warranty limits expenses by setting only two costs: the premium and the trade service fee. Once you pay those two things, most repairs or replacements are paid for. 

3. Compliments Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance and home warranties cover different things. A homeowners insurance covers you from perils that happen suddenly (fire, water damage). A home warranty covers you from wear and tear and long-term use of appliances and systems in the home. In many cases, the two policies work together. 

For example, if you have a burst pipe in the bathroom that damages the cabinets and flooring, you may have both a homeowners and home warranty claim on your hands. The home warranty covers the repair of the pipe which is not covered by the homeowners policy. The damage to the cabinets and floor is covered by your homeowners insurance and not the home warranty. The two together give you the most complete coverage. 

4. Time Savings Tool

Most of us don’t have a contact list filled with service technicians that we can trust. If something were to happen and you needed repairs, without a home warranty, you’d be left to research and find the right technician for the best price. That can take a lot of time and leave you with a prolonged problem while you search. The home warranty makes claims simple because the warranty company has contracted service providers that they have vetted to do a good job for a reasonable price. 

5. Added Savings

Home warranty companies often offer special pricing for homeowners who want to buy new appliances or get things serviced so that they don’t have problems. Some warranty companies offer as much as a 50% discount on appliance servicing components. Other warranty companies offer annual servicing for items such as air conditioning units as part of the contract terms. Part of being a homeowner means keeping up with servicing of key systems and appliances so they don’t fail. Your home warranty company can help you do that. 

6. Protect Older Appliances

Home warranties often only have a 15 to 30 day waiting period. This means that you can sign up for a warranty and have coverage for aging and older appliances and systems almost immediately. This can give you a lot of peace of mind as your home ages and you start to anticipate problems happening. 

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